Rays of Hope Massage
Jodie Bettcher, LMT
Rays of Hope Massage

Jodie J. Bettcher, L.M.T.

Jodie is a graduate of The New York Institute of Massage and is licensed to practice massage in New York State. In addition to her schooling, she has received further training in Myofacial Release, trigger point therapy, prenatal massage and hot stone therapy.

As a very compassionate person, Jodie has the desire to provide each client with the best massage possible, so that they may have better health and live their lives to the fullest.

Many therapists pray to their "spirit guide" or "angel." Jodie prays to the ultimate spirit – the Holy Spirit. With His help, Jodie's healing massages have proven to be the "Ray of Hope" that many people have been searching for.

Rays of Hope Massage is open by appointment only. Call Jodie at 716-697-0667 to schedule your appointment.